Undergraduate Research Conference & LURe Release 2017 Program

Panel schedules have been announced! View the entire program below, plan your trip, and come listen to wonderful students discuss their research! Don’t forget LURe’s seventh volume release following the conference and the Meet the Authors event.




2017 Undergraduate Research Conference in English & Philosophy And LURe Release

University of West Georgia, CAMPUS CENTER (CC)

October 19, 2017


12:30pm                     Welcome and Conference Opening                    CC 108.2


1:15pm-2:30pm        SESSION 1

Panel 1: Chaucerian Chatter (CC 108.2)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Leah Haught

Chair: Paisley Burklow

  • Allison Perrigo, “Hidden Figures: The Pardoner and Judaism”
  • Connor Toney, “Gender Identity and the Pardoner: An Analysis on Chaucer’s Most Complex Character”
  • Daiyaan Hutson, “How Criseyde Waves the Flag: Understanding Noblewomen and Nationhood through Troilus and Criseyde

Panel 2: Reading Early American Literature through the Archives (CC 108.3)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patrick Erben

Chair: Angel Bullington

  • Lauren Blastow, “Selective Religious Freedom: An Analysis of Benjamin Franklin and His Writing to Thomas Paine”
  • Ethan Smith, “Alexander Hamilton’s Masculinity and Sexuality according to Broadway”
  • Marisa Sorensen, “Tying the Knot: Executing Women through Marriage and Other Ideals”

Panel 3 (Roundtable): Broadside Ballads and Working-Class Literature  (CC 104)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laura Miller

Chair: Sunday Lovvorn

  • Christa Young
  • Luke Barnwell
  • Lindsey Sprewell
  • Jason McCurry

Panel 4: Hermeneutics in the Contemporary World (CC 105)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Janet Donohoe

Chair: Benjamin Fuller

  • Maria Constanza Garrido Sierralta: “Embodiment and Understanding of the Racialized Other”
  • Brittany Groff: “Dismissing a Concept of Gender and its Reinforcement of Heterosexual Normativity”
  • Isabella Torres: “Should We Interpret Classical Music according to Schleiermacher or Gadamer?”


2:45-4:00pm              SESSION 2

Panel 5: The Documentary (CC 108.2)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Erin Lee Mock

Chair: Elijah Miles

  • Leslie Robertson, “Welcome to Leithand Its Unanswered Questions about Filmmaking and White Supremacy”
  • Brian Harris, “The Founders Fraud: The Facade of Wayne Coyne in The Fearless Freaks
  • Tasha Hayes, “‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’: The Use of Archival Material, Music, and Insight Provided in Liz Garbus’s Portrayal of Nina Simone”
  • Collin Jones, “A Film By”

Panel 6: Testing Technologies, Broadly Defined (CC 108.3)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Leah Haught

Chair: Sunday Lovvorn

  • Hannah Page, “The Making of Make: A Brief Encounter with the Linguistic History of the Word ‘Make’”
  • Christa Young, “But There’s a Robot: The Visualization of Technology and the Cyborg in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
  • Marisa Sorensen, “Man versus the Machine: Criticisms of Technology”

Panel 7: Interdisciplinary Analysis of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis (CC 104)

Faculty Sponsors: Brittney Beth Drummond and Dr. Rosemary Kellison

Chair: RaeAnna Hogle


  • Noah Isherwood, “Black and White in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis
  • Esmeralda Orozco-Rodriguez, “Religion and Politics in Persepolis
  • Sereana Coats, “Coming of Age in Persepolis


  • Christopher Cali, Annabelle Carter, Maria Constanza Garrido Sierralta, Amara McNeish, Isabella Torres

Panel 8: Philosophical Forms (CC 105)

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Janet Donohoe and Jonathan Mark Hendrix

Chair: Christina Paige Goodwin

  • West Poindexter: “Who is on the Bus? An Examination of Tradition”
  • Faith Moss: “Into the Writing”


4:15pm-5:30pm                               SESSION 3

Panel 9: Gender Rules: Feminist Literary Criticism (CC 108.2)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Matt Franks

Chair: Abigail Driver

  • Melissa Johnson, “Strong Women at the Bottom in Sula
  • Sonora Lanham, “Understanding Silence as an Active Force in ‘No Name Woman’”
  • Connor Toney, “A Cautionary Tale: Sisterhood and its Effects on Feminism in ‘Goblin Market’”
  • Christa Watkins, “Disney’s Displacement of Sexism in Mulan

Panel 10: Gender and Female Agency in Cyborg Film (CC 108.3)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lisa Crafton

Chair: Abigail Smith

  • Sydney Bollinger, “The Reclamation of Eve’s Power Through Ava in Ex Machina
  • Keri Jones, “Objectifying the Female Cyborg: Holes in Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Feminism”
  • Chyna Gowan, “Misogynistic Undertones in Steel & Laceand Conformist Cyborgs in Ex Machina

Panel 11:  Engendering Cultural Inheritance (CC 104)

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patrick Erben

Chair: RaeAnna Hogle

  • Julianna Olson, “Daphne Defined: A Modern-Day Retelling of the Myth of Apollo and Daphne in A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Julia Lenderman, “The Woman from U.N.C.L.E.: Gaby Teller as East Germany in the Cold War”
  • Allison Perrigo, “The Wide Net: Penetration and Colonialism”


5:30PM-6:00PM        LURe Release and Meet the Authors                  CC 108.2


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