Submission Window:

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 – JANUARY 6, 2023

Submissions are NOW OPEN.

LURe welcomes the submission of scholarly undergraduate essays on all topics and periods of literature, film, critical theory, or culture studies. LURe publishes only researched articles. One submission per author per year, please.

Manuscript Style Guide:

  1. File format should be either a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a Google Doc
  2. File name should reflect the title of your article (e.g., Gender in Star Wars); please do NOT include your name in the file title or within the manuscript itself
  3. Length should not be more than twenty (20) pages, excluding Works Cited
  4. Font should be 12 point Times New Roman
  5. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides
  6. Spacing should be double throughout, including block quotes and notes
  7. Alignment should be left justified, except for your title, which can be center justified
  8. Pagination should be consecutive, from first page to the last; please center your page numbers at the bottom of each page; please remove your name from any pagination
  9. Style should include no auto-formatting; please use hanging indents for your bibliography and 1 inch indentations for block quotes
  10. Citations should follow MLA 8 guidelines; please review these as needed (Purdue OWL is a good starting place)
  11. Layout should include the article title followed by the article text
  12. Images and Figures should include descriptive captions and should be limited to two to three (2-3) figures; these cannot include copyrighted material unless the author has been given explicit permission to use them

Read more house style mandates here.

Manuscript Submission:

​Because of the blind review process, the author’s name and contact information must only appear in the form and not in the manuscript. Below you will see the information we inquire about you and your essay in the form.
  • Name as you wish to be affiliated with your essay should it be published
  • Preferred E-mail, which will be the main source of contact between you and LURe
  • Undergraduate Institution
  • Title of Essay 
  • Manuscript File (with no identifying information) in Microsoft Word or Google Doc format and structured to MLA 8 standards
If you experience any complications, or are unable to fill out the Google Form, please e-mail us at with the above information in the e-mail body.

Our Selection and Editorial Process


We accept submissions once a year during the period advertised in our Call For Papers (CFP). All submitted work goes through a blind peer review by two members of our editorial staff, and this feedback is used by our editors-in-chief to make initial recommendations about publication. We aim to have this feedback to authors within three to four months of receiving your submitted essays.


If you are encouraged to revise and resubmit your work at this point, you will receive a deadline for resubmission from the editors, and your resubmitted work will go through another cycle of blind peer review. The same is true of essays that are accepted for publication contingent on addressing a few specific queries from the editors.


Once LURe accepts the final revised copy of your text, it goes into line editing and production. Line editors will read your work for clarity, consistency, and grammatical and typographical errors; they will not check your quotations and references for you. It is your job to ensure that this information is accurate, and we recommend that you recheck these materials while your essay is being line edited. Any confusion along these lines might result in your work not being published.


When the line editors have completed their work, you will be sent a copy of your essay in a Google Doc format with their comments and queries embedded in it via track changes and inserted comments. At this point you need to read the suggestions carefully and insert all necessary changes directly into the same file (using the same tools—track changes and inserted comments to do so). You do not need to make every change suggested by our editors, but we do ask that you respond to each suggestion made. Please include your rationale for deciding not to accept certain changes either through an embedded comment in the file itself, or as part of the email that accompanies your work when you return it to us. This is your last chance to make significant changes to your work, and you will typically have two weeks to do so.


After LURe receives your responses to our line editing suggestions, we will recheck everything and contact you with any last minute questions. Our editors then begin the process of creating proofs for the issue as a whole. The final issue is posted to our website and printed. All published authors will receive a copy of the printed journal at the address provided during our earlier correspondence.

Have questions? E-mail us at

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