Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who can submit to LURe?

All undergraduate students from an accredited institution can submit their research-based essays to the journal.

What kind of essays are considered for publication?

LURe accepts research-based scholarly undergraduate essays on all topics and historical periods of literature, film, critical theory, or cultural studies.

Can I submit multiple essays for consideration?

Currently, LURe only accepts one essay per student.

I recently graduated from my undergraduate university. Can I still submit my paper?

Yes! LURe accepts any papers written during the author’s undergraduate years. We open submissions in the fall semester, so if you graduated in the spring or summer of that year, you are welcome to submit any papers written prior to your graduation.

How can I get involved with LURe?

If you’re interested in joining the LURe Team as an editor, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student from the University of West Georgia, where our journal is hosted. Most team members are English majors or minors, and communication-based majors are preferred, though we encourage anyone to inquire despite their program. 

To apply, you can do any of the following:

  • See our apply page and fill out the linked application.
  • E-mail lurejournal@gmail.com
  • E-mail our faculty adviser, Dr. Leah Haught (lhaught@westga.edu)
  • E-mail our Editor-in-Chief, Sonora Lanham (slanham1@my.westga.edu)

Have more questions or need clarification?
E-mail us at lurejournal@gmail.com

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